Are You Gonna Have a To-Do-List When You Die?

by: Tim Lee

Are you gonna have a to-do-list when you die?

A list of things you wanted to do

But things you never tried?

Ideas that you never developed

Talents you never applied?

Hopes you never fostered

Goals that you pushed aside?

Are you gonna have a box of unkept promises

Addressed to only you?

And cases of imaginations

And dreams that never came true?

Will your life’s purpose and your reason for living

Be starved to death by drought?

And never seeing the light of day

Be trapped in the Valley of Doubt?

Will your insecurities survive to brag

Of how they kept you from breaking out

The prison of second guessing yourself

Preventing your blossom—your sprout?

Will your fear of failure meet your fear of success

And make babies of procrastination?

Will your proclivity for just getting by

Rob you of dedication?

Will inhibiting contradictions

Delay your second birth?

And the crippling desire to compare yourself

Paralyze your since of self-worth?

Will you see a void and not fill it

Destruction and not rebuild

Will you feel a desire to change your life

But choose to keep living unfulfilled?

Will you refuse to look in the mirror

(The man in there’s a real thing)

If you look into him deep enough

I guarantee he’ll bring

Some work and high expectations

Some suggestions to occupy

The time you spend upon this Earth

And must-do things before you die.

Will you have a to-do list?

Will you have a to-do list?

Will you have a to-do list when you die?

I don’t want to have a to-do-list

I don’t want to have a to-do-list

I won’t want to have a to-do-list when I die.

I will accomplish all I was sent here to do before my final goodbye.

One response

  1. michaelp321

    This is reminiscent of something that I would say to myself. Self reflecting is pivotal with growth.

    January 28, 2020 at 5:48 pm

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